For many people, it’s far more appealing and exciting to build a new house than to work on an old one either through renovation and reconstruction. It’s easy to see why. For those who love to design their interiors, a new house represents a blank canvas to work on and to suit their house to their own aesthetic tastes. One cannot also ignore the fact that with a new property comes ample space and better facilities. Yet for all its benefits, a new house comes with its challenges too especially in urban centers and the larger metropolis.
Hence, various factors are to be considered before taking the step to buy a house. What follows next are certain points to consider before making the big decision, in other words, the pro’s and con’s.
Pro: The Modern Upgrades
A new house often comes with key upgrades. In planning a new home, certain features are put in place in line with modern trends which includes the bathroom tiles, kitchen surfaces and so on. A new homeowner may not even spare any cost in trying to acquire these upgrades in line with his individual taste.Usually, home builders provide the required upgrade and if need be, one could consult a specialist. Such upgrades consist of intercom systems, lighting systems or integrated heating, security systems, extra parking, swimming pools and balconies.
Con: Inflated Budgets
Everyone wants the best stuff. It thus seems appealing to compromise budgets in order to meet up with luxurious upgrades. This is especially so when one considers that buying a home may be a lifetime investment. However it is much better to have a wider range of options than to narrow down and go overboard in spending in other to meet up with desired upgrades. Such a move may not be financially prudent. Much better is making a list and having an idea of what you need in your new home. This should help you with a ballpark estimate for your budget. Mortgage lenders may choose the upgrades which home owners may lend for. If their list does not meet up with your requirements, you may try out other alternative sources.

Pro: Pick to Build
Clearly, a part of the procedure involved in acquiring property is that you get to pick your own builder. This may be to allay concerns over construction and the builder’s reputation. For feedback on a builder, it may be wise to ask friends or others who have purchased property from the builder. Screening online could also help in assessing the wholesomeness and reputation of the home builders.

Con: Confronting the Builder
Iron out any issues you may have with the builder before closing a deal. In the world of real estate, there is an abundance of dealers and builders who would try to coax you with their various claims. Rather than be pressurized into making a decision, relax and take your time to think it through. Sensibly choose your own fittings and upgrades. In some instances a builder may try to convince you to mortgage from their own brokers. In that case, do well to get a good rate. Be sure that your builder would be willing to make up for business delays that are too demanding and too dear.

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